Einar (released)

Available for free on Steam

Einar is a single-player 3rd person Hack ā€™nā€™ Slash game based on the Norse mythology. The game is being developed for the PS4 by a team of 30+ students.

My contributions:

  • Lead programmer
  • Melee combat system
  • Advanced enemy target system
  • Prototyping

Globum Nix

A first person team-based snowball shooter with online multiplayer.

My contributions:

  • Network programming
  • Implementation of UI and scoreboard
  • Snowball throw and pickup mechanic

Neppis Duel Racing

A third person turn-based racing game for high-end tablets. With local competitive multiplayer.

My contributions:

  • Lead programmer
  • Vehicle physics
  • Camera behavior

Chameleon Cancellation

A 2D side-scrolling platformer about a chameleon that can absorb colors that give it different powers.

My contributions:

  • Lead programmer
  • External level editor with Tiled
  • Interaction with the environment to absorb & mix colors
  • All mechanics of the player

Global Game Jam 2016

Source: http://globalgamejam.org

A two player online multiplayer maze game with asymmetric gameplay. Features a randomized maze with infinite scrolling.

My contributions:

  • Network programming
  • Infinite scrolling randomized maze
  • Asynchronous gameplay
  • In-game column and row shifting

Brains Eden 2016

Source: http://brainseden.net

For this gamejam I did a collabration between 3 artists from the university of Norwich and a colleague of mine. We created a mobile puzzle game.

My contributions:

  • In-engine tile editor
  • Bugfixing & Polish
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